Team Dakar

Edition of 50
120x40cm fine art print

Garry Hunter


2006 Los Angeles Lucies / International Photography Awards Honorable Mention

2005 Los Angeles Lucies / International Photography Awards 1st Place (Series)

2005 New York Photo District News Annual Best of Year Award (Advertising)

2005 London Wellcome Trust Biomedical Imaging Award of Excellence

2004 New York PDN Nikon Awards Extraordinary Award for the book Trip_Transporting Grain

2002 UK Publishing Awards Gold for Magazine Cover of the Year

...1981 South Shields Flower Show Print Competition 1st and 3rd Places


2008 Selected Artist for Arts Council Programme Allotment, Hebden House

2007 Selected Artist for Arts Council Summit Invigorate, Oxford University

2007 Shortlisted Artist for Arts Council Commission Artist: Time, Space, Money

2006 Elected as a Fellow of Royal Geographical Society London

1995-2003 Intellectual Property Consultant with Getty Images Photography Advisory Group, London

Member of VAGA (UK) Visual Artists and Galleries Association

Supporter of the Global Policies Forum United Nations, New York City


2007 Life in a Suitcase Sassoon Gallery, London

2007 Charity Photo-Art wpa Pinfold, Ex Libris, Leeds

2007 JG-82 MMVII_Name, Rank & Serial Number Sandford Goudie Gallery, Customs House, Tyneside

2007 Terra Incognita
491 Gallery, London

2007 Alphabet and the Table of Elements
Briffa at London Art Fair

2007 Life Cycles I and II
St. Pancras Crypt, London

2006 Journeys Annenberg Gallery at the Academy of American Studies, Queens

2005 JG-80 MMV_Name, Rank & Serial Number Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn

2005 The Identity Project Briffa at London Art Fair

2003 Trip_Transporting Grain Aldwych Tube Station (disused), London

2002 05.07/02 Print Sale for Amnesty International, Rathbone Place, London

2000 Lost and Found
Gold Gallery, London

1999 Abstracts Cafe Art Baltimore, West Cork

1998 Amer-icons
Box Gallery, London

1997 Colourspaces
Oglivy & Mather, London

1996 Alchemy
Gold Gallery, London

1995 Organic/Metallic Flying Colours, London

1993 Conran Foundation Design Museum, London