Come On In,
The Water's Lovely

The Dark Pool photographed in Amsterdam acted as a catalyst for other projects, with it's sense of foreboding reflecting the start of many journeys. Through this portal arrived a closer study of the most obvious absentsee in the image - water. Alphabet and the Table of Elements is a collection of images based on the Periodic Table and the first three exhibited here, H to Eau are studies of liquids within the actions of Eustasy (the rise in sea levels) Cryoscopy (the reduction of freezing points) and Autotrophy (the release of carbon into the air) referencing the processes used to create these photographic images.

It is planned to continue the project to encompass studies of the other elemental forms, eg. solids and gases, influenced by the remaining alphabetical shorthand that represents the other elements.

Venue: The Sydney Street Gallery, Brighton BN1

Part of permanent collection from Easter 2008